Mercedes-Benz Mexico


The Club Mercedes Benz México is a non-profit association whose main objective is to gather our members and enjoy the passion for classic Mercedes-Benz and Mercedes-AMG sports cars.

Across the world, more than 80,000 associates, organized into more than 80 clubs, keep the tradition of the Mercedes-Benz brand alive and preserve the cultural heritage of the three-pointed star through their participation in public events at the wheel of their vintage and classic cars.
The members of each Classic Mercedes-Benz Club must be united by a common passion; -to own a piece of the history of the Mercedes-Benz car and share your hobby with other people, in an atmosphere of cordiality, companionship and friendship.

Acquiring, maintaining, conserving and driving these vehicles in public, is to develop an invaluable leading role, since it allows the rest of the people to know and experience a great brand, leader in the development of technologies in the history of the automobile.

Taking into account the legacy of its roots, the term "tradition" has a special meaning for the Mercedes-Benz brand, since it transmits a sense of identification, developed over more than a century, with values ​​that have come to define the brand.

From the invention of the automobile to the development of the latest models, at Mercedes-Benz this "golden thread" functions as a preponderant manifesto of the quality and capacity for innovation in automotive engineering; the brand's classic car clubs turn out to be its proud ambassadors.

We thank our guests who accompanied us to our Mercedes-Benz Mérida Event that we celebrated the last May, 2021.

Club Mercedes Benz Mexico.